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Done with Renting? Three Tips on How to Become a Homeowner

After years of renting, you are, in a word, done. You are tired of putting your hard-earned money in your landlord’s pocket instead of building up equity in something that is yours. And you have had enough of increased rents, noisy upstairs neighbors, shag carpet and having to call the superintendent when the heater goes […]

How to Treat Bed Bugs and Beetles in Your New Home

Pests. They’re everywhere. Whether they’re big or small, pests can be found in any place, from restaurants and hotels to homes and apartments. Yes, even that house you’ve got your eye on. As a first time home owner, pest control should be on the top of your good housekeeping checklist. Despite the cold weather, Wisconsin […]

Essential Maintenance to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

Your home is your sanctuary. Whether you’re a recent homeowner or you’ve been in your home for some time, you need to perform the proper upkeep to keep your house (and family) safe and secure. We’ve rounded up expert tips on home maintenance tasks you should have on your radar to keep your home in […]

4 Myths of Buying vs Renting

4 Myths of Buying versus Renting According to a recent report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, the past 15 years have seen a drastic shift in how Americans approach renting and owning. More people are renting, while fewer are buying houses. In fact, the average annual growth number for renters is now […]

Savvy Investment: 4 Vacation Home Options to Consider

Ask someone to visualize their ideal vacation and you’re sure to elicit different responses — everyone’s imagination will take them somewhere different. Some might visualize lounging on the beach or surfing the waves. Others might visualize majestic mountains, big trees and white snow. For others, it isn’t a vacation unless they leave the country and […]

Make Your Home an Additional Income Stream

Americans earn an average of $533 every month with sharing economy sites like Airbnb and Uber, according to JPMorgan Chase. And with a little motivation and ingenuity, you could skyrocket that amount and make the sharing economy your full-time job, all while working part-time hours. From renting out your home to film crews to hosting […]

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