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Savvy Investment: 4 Vacation Home Options to Consider

Ask someone to visualize their ideal vacation and you’re sure to elicit different responses — everyone’s imagination will take them somewhere different. Some might visualize lounging on the beach or surfing the waves. Others might visualize majestic mountains, big trees and white snow. For others, it isn’t a vacation unless they leave the country and […]

Make Your Home an Additional Income Stream

Americans earn an average of $533 every month with sharing economy sites like Airbnb and Uber, according to JPMorgan Chase. And with a little motivation and ingenuity, you could skyrocket that amount and make the sharing economy your full-time job, all while working part-time hours. From renting out your home to film crews to hosting […]

4 Tips For New Property Managers

The 2015 State Of The Nation’s Housing report by Harvard University found that U.S. homeownership rates have dropped from 69 percent in 2004 to only 63.7 percent in Q1 2015. The Economic Policy Institute notes that despite productivity and real GDP increasing by 64 percent and 149 percent respectively since 1979, wages have declined or […]

5 Ways to Help Your Client See the Potential in Any Home

Fixer-uppers aren’t for everyone. There are many prospective home buyers who insist on buying new or simply cannot see the potential in homes that require extra work. But for those who are up for some remodeling adventures, the cost savings and end result could be phenomenal with the right property and a seasoned team of […]

3 Wisconsin Municipalities for Smart Home Investing

The median value of a home in Wisconsin was $154,000 in December, down 0.3 percent from a year ago, according to Zillow data. Home prices across the country fell in 2014 due to the Federal Reserve ceasing its quantitative easing program and no longer buying mortgage-backed securities to artificially inflate the market. Despite Wisconsin having […]

Cash Out for Your Dream Home: Pros and Cons of Cash Buying

Pros and Cons of Cash Buying All-cash home purchases hit a record in the first quarter of 2014, reaching 43 percent, according to RealtyTrac, which has been tracking cash-buying trends since 2011. This latest figure represents a 19 percent rise from last year—a number industry watchers attribute to stricter mortgage qualification standards coupled with high […]

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