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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Patio Furniture for Your Home

Your outdoor space is as much a part of your home as the interior and should be treated accordingly. Give your patio the credit it deserves and don’t skimp on your outdoor furniture. Go for a vibrant and comfortable arrangement that breathes new life into your home. Not sure how to get started? Here are […]

Eight Brands to Help You Go ‘Green’ at Home

Research shows the more detrimental a product’s potential is on the environment, the more knowledgeable consumers become about other eco-friendly options within that same industry. Consumers of leather, manufactured rubber and water management materials all have some of the most informed consumers. Likewise, brands that understand their impact on the environment are the same ones […]

Home Maintenance Reminder Checklist

Whether you just moved in or have been living in your home for years, your home has so many regular maintenance needs that it often gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list in the chaos that is everyday life. But to avoid huge costs down the line, it’s important to make a schedule […]

5 Winter Home Improvement Projects You Can Do Yourself 

The winter months can closet you inside due to harsh weather. The frigid winds, torrential rain and snowy conditions hardly make it easy to accomplish the outdoor projects on your to do list. Instead, take this opportunity to get some projects done inside. There’s no reason the crummy weather should stop you there. Here are […]

Expand Your Living Space in 4 Easy Steps

Your home is your castle. But sometimes, your castle feels more like a cottage. If so, it might be time to expand. We’re not talking total renovation here. You don’t have to bust down walls and add extra rooms to create more space. All you have to do is follow these tips to maximize your […]

A New Homeowner’s Guide for Their First Backyard

You’ve always dreamed of having your own backyard where you and your loved ones can enjoy your beautifully designed slice of nature. As a new homeowner, however, you’ve come to realize that there are many unfamiliar logistics you must understand for optimal home maintenance. Here are some tips on how to care for your new […]

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