The thought of a home invasion is nothing short of a terrible nightmare. But theft is an unfortunate reality that people face every day. Since you can never fully guarantee your home and its belongings will not be struck by a burglary, there are steps you can take to prevent loss, should one occur. In the name of prevention, here are some ideas:

Steer Clear of Common Storage Areas

Security cameraThe obvious place is the worst place to hide something. A classic example is an ornate jewelry box. While it might be a pretty place to house and showcase your most precious gems, it’s also the first place a thief would notice atop your dresser in all its glittery glory.

Avoid lightweight safes. You may think a safe is a premier location, but if it’s light enough to carry, it’s an easy target. If you’re looking to purchase a safe, consider these tips and make sure it’s too heavy for two men to carry and preferably bolted to the floor or wall.

Household Items are your Friends

If you nix the obvious storage locations, the best bet to keep possessions hidden away is in obscure spots.Think of your bathroom and your kitchen for optimal storage spaces which robbers are likely to pass by. Use empty shampoo bottles and spice jars to hide things like cash or jewelry. Empty cleaning product containers are useful for and there are even fake heads of lettuce you can buy to stash in your fridge that can shroud some of your treasures. Purchase a faux air vent storage unit, which crooks won’t give a second glance.

Still in need of more ideas? Consider a hollowed out book that can house some items and be tucked neatly back into the bookshelf among your other reads.

Do you have some potted plants around your home? Stick some money or other possessions in a small, waterproof container and bury it in the soil of your plants. You can almost surely bet no thief is going to spend time digging through dirt on the off chance something is hidden in the depths.

Think like a potential robber and opt for the most unexpected places.

Don’t Forget Technology

After you’ve planned where to tuck away your valuables, it’s time to think about how technology can help you. Security camera systems can provide peace of mind and assurance that potential perpetrators won’t get far if they do try to steal from you. If you have a safe spot in your garage, mount a camera in a location where it has full view of the hiding place.

As you gear up to protect your abode, think about where you would expect to find valuables hidden – and then make sure not to place yours there. Avoid obvious, common storage areas and aim for lots of obscure hiding places instead. Also consider investing in cameras that can keep an eye on your valuables too. With all of this in mind, you can breathe easier knowing your belongings are properly safeguarded.

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