One of the most important aspects of home ownership is being able to keep your home safe, so that it can be the secure and comfortable environment that your family no doubt desires. There is of course a certain measure of comfort that automatically accompanies any place we call “home.” Yet this comfort is meaningless if the security of your home is not adequately attended to. Fortunately, it is easy enough to take measures toward protecting your home environment. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

• Security System – The most effective and logical place to start with protecting your home is to contact a local security company and discuss the installation of a security system in your home. These systems can consist of alarms, motion sensors, video cameras, and any number of other features that can work together to form a very protective network of security in your home.

• Yard Sign – Whether or not you actually have a security system (though it is of course advised that you do have one), you can actually achieve a high level of home protection by simply placing a sign in your yard indicating that you are protected. You may have seen ADT or CPI signs in people’s yards before, and it is easy to understand why – no one is likely to attempt to break into your home if he or she is concerned about being identified by a security system.

• Maintain a Presence – This may seem like a simple step, but once again, it is something that can prevent criminals from attempting to break into your home. Try to make it appear at all times as if someone is at your home. This means keeping a car visible, and leaving lights on when you are out of the house. It may seem unnecessary to you, but again, if you put yourself in a criminal’s shoes, you will likely feel far less inclined to break in to a home that appears to be occupied.

• Maintain Vigilance – Once you establish your home as a comfortable and well-protected environment, it can be easy to become a bit complacent. Unfortunately, this can have a directly negative effect on the security you’ve worked so hard to establish. Always remember to keep doors and windows locked, to be careful about opening the door for strangers, and to keep garage doors down. At times these sorts of tasks are a bit tedious, but it is important to remember that your own vigilance is the strongest security your home has.
– Kyle Anderson is a professional freelance writer, blogger, and participant in social media outlets. He has contributed to advertisements and online marketing campaigns for sites such as

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