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Are you interested in a Rent-To-Own opportunity?

What if you could shop for any house currently listed? 

I’m excited to tell you about a brand new opportunity in the Madison and Janesville areas. We are now working with an investor who will allow you to do just that, shop for the home that you want to Rent-To-Own!

Actually, they offer two options:

  • Find the perfect home in your price range. The investor purchases it and you start your journey towards home ownership!
  • Find a fixer upper. The investor remodels the home to your tastes and then you move in and start making payments!

Let’s face it, if your credit isn’t the best, most banks won’t consider financing a home for you. Does bad credit really mean that you won’t make your payments? Of course not. We realize that sometimes things like divorce, medical bills, or even a previous job loss can lead to a less than stellar score.

What’s the catch?

Well, an investor doing rent to own agreements has to protect their investment. To do so, our investor requires a $10,000 down payment or 10%, whichever is greater, for a rent-to-own / land contract home in the Madison/Janesville area.

If you have the down payment and are eager to start your journey towards home ownership, click below to fill out our short form!


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