You’ve read about short sales online or maybe you have heard about them on TV. Now you are wondering if this could be a good option for your Wisconsin house. In simple terms, a short sale is a process in which your bank agrees to accept a sale amount on your home that is lower than what you currently owe. There are many reasons why you might consider an option like this.

  • Your home is ‘underwater’. You currently owe more on your home than what you could sell your home for on the market.
  • You have recently experienced a financial hardship. These hardships can include losing a job, under-employment, recent medical expenses, divorce, or a death in the family.
  • You are falling behind on your mortgage payments or may soon have to. Your monthly expenses exceed the amount of money you are bringing home.

Whatever the reason you may have to be considering a short sale on your Wisconsin home, we would be happy to help you evaluate your particular situation. Rock Realty has helped many Wisconsin homeowners work with their bank to come up with a resolution. Feel free to fill out our no obligation online form for further assistance.

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