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What is a short sale?

What is a short sale?

WHAT IS A SHORT SALE? You may have heard of a transaction called a short sale. This is just one tool that Rock Realty real estate agents use to help WI home owners keep foreclosure off of their credit. With a short sale, sellers avoid having to go through a lengthy foreclosure process and prevent […]

Late Payments? Act Sooner Than Later

Late Mortgage Payment

When the economic environment puts a strain on your ability to pay your mortgage it is important to act sooner than later. Even if you have not missed any payments it is not too soon to take action. There are many resources to help struggling homeowners avoid losing their home to foreclosure. First, collect all […]

Wisconsin Foreclosure Options – What should I do now?

Wisconsin Foreclosure Options – What should I do now?

  What are my options to foreclosure in Wisconsin? 1. Make the payments:  Your best option of course is to bring your mortgage current by paying back payments (arrears) due and any interest or fees assessed. • If you are only behind a payment or two, talk to your lender. They will help you set […]

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