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Half of Homeowners Underwater on their Mortgage

Low home loan rates

I came across the video below and was shocked to hear that nearly 50% (half) of the nations homeowners are effectively underwater. In times like these, it’s important to know that there is help available. If you are a home owner that is struggling to make mortgage payments, I would first suggest that you talk […]

Is a Short Sale right for my home?

Short-Sale Wisconsin

You’ve read about short sales online or maybe you have heard about them on TV. Now you are wondering if this could be a good option for your Wisconsin house. In simple terms, a short sale is a process in which your bank agrees to accept a sale amount on your home that is lower […]

Factors Contributing To The Rise In Foreclosures

Factors Contributing To The Rise In Foreclosures

Some experts believe home loan delinquencies will peak during the middle of 2010. The reasons given are unemployment still at high levels, number of mortgages 90+ days late are rising, and Alt-A & Option-Arm loans are set to reset in high numbers. There are many factors contributing to default, but mainly we can focus on […]

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