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A Wisconsin Short Sale could help you avoid Foreclosure.

Avoid ForeclosureHave you been hearing about this transaction called a ‘short sale’? Maybe you have read a few articles about it online and are considering this for your underwater home. Well, we have good news for you: A Short Sale can help you avoid a Foreclosure on your record.

Regardless of what you might be thinking or may have been told by others. Your lender is not looking for an excuse to foreclose. The truth is most lenders would rather have you keep your home and keep making payments each month. You are not alone. Thousands of people across Wisconsin have similar issues with their mortgages every year.

The most important key to resolving your situation is being proactive. Even if your mortgage payments are just a few months behind, your lender has probably already started foreclosure proceedings against you. Doing nothing is the fast track to foreclosure. Thousands of dollars in penalties and legal fees may be added to your balance due. The longer you wait, the harder it is for us to keep foreclosure off of your records. Some lenders don’t even require that you have missed a payment to be considered for a short sale. Check out your ‘10 Options to Avoid Foreclosure‘, linked below:

10 Options to Avoid Foreclosure pdf

What is a Short Sale?

A Short Sale is just one tool that Rock Realty uses to help home owners keep foreclosure off of their credit. With a short sale, sellers avoid having to go through a lengthy foreclosure process and may prevent the impact of a foreclosure on their credit score.

WI Short SalesA short sale occurs when a lender agrees to take less than the amount owed to payoff a mortgage as an alternative to foreclosure. Lenders know that it will cost them a significant amount of money to take a property back. The short sale specialists at Rock Realty can help with this short sale process! Often, banks will be better off financially if they sell the property now rather than taking the home through foreclosure and trying to sell it later. So, a short sale can actually be good for them. Some lenders don’t even require that you be late on your payments to be considered for a short sale.

In fact, many lenders are offering home sellers cash $ incentives to participate in the short sale process. Most of our recent closings have included a check cut out to the distressed home owner! Yes, the lender agreed to sell the property for a loss on their books AND gave the home seller money at closing. See details via the link below:

Short Sale Seller Incentives Information pdf


Top-Short-Sale-Real-Estate-Agent-Realtor-WisconsinOur first priority is to help homeowners overcome the obstacles that could result in the loss of their home. Our real estate agents and Realtors® specialize in helping homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgage payments, although sometime you don’t have to be late on payments to complete a short sale.

We’ve helped people in both the Janesville and Madison Wisconsin areas with their underwater homes. You deserve a fresh start. If you are facing the possibility of foreclosure and you live in South-Central Wisconsin, we can help you.

Do you qualify for a short sale? How much is your home worth in this market?

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